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Raptr not recording video since last update.

 Prior to the update of Raptr (unable to find a version number), I was able to record perfectly to my output directory, or to, or to Twitch.  Now, nothing is working.  I am not sure if the program cannot detect the hotkeys once the game has launched, or if the recording program fails to detect any games....

I am able to manually change hotkeys and directories, and adjusted with many of the settings that should affect some aspect of recording, but nothing seems to work.

I enjoyed this product prior to the upgrade.  Is it possible to allow us to manually roll back to the previous version of the software if there is no immediate fix for this version?

Thank you.

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I have gone ahead and created a ticket regarding this issue so we can attempt to resolve it. Ticket #12612 for your reference. I will also lock this forum topic to make sure the answers are funneled into the ticket. Thanks for letting us know about this issue.