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Incorrect steam username /password


Little problem here, I have a steam account and a Raptr account. My steam account is linked to my Raptr account and detects all games, so far no problem. But when I want to connect to my steam account in my friends&Accounts window it says "incorrect username/password". My username and password are for 100% correct because i can log in on the steam website without problems. 

Any solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

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getting this as well pop up verify your human put in code i have did this maybe 20 times now and nothing and i have did the code right and my steam password is right also

Same for me, have verified this PC for steam via steam and since that has caused a problem on occasion, but nothing going today. It lets me get to the activation captcha then disconnects again.

Same issue here. I don't understand why this constantly malfunctions.

Same here, Help!

Hi all, I got a responce from the Raptr helpdesk and this is what they sent me:

Hi Captain3009,


I apologize for any frustration or inconvenience. This is actually a known issue that we are working on getting resolved currently, but have yet to find the source of the problem or any resolution. Your username and password are likely correct, but the system is automatically giving the incorrect reason for being unable to connect you. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and we hope to get this fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

same problem here , need help please...........


 Same here, been like that for more than a week now.

Here too

Same here, can u fix that ?

From what we believe, the issue originated with Steam changing something on their side. We're still investigating the issue. Thank you for keeping us aware.

 I take this is still an Issue since i cannot log in with my steam account.

@asmodyus - Correct


Yep, I have this same problem.  I read online that Raptr is using your steam community id, not your primary steam id, but here's the thing...mine are THE SAME.   I established my community id to be the same as my primary account.  I'm logged into the community and logged into Steam with the appropriate user id, and obviously I know my password in order to do that.  The problem seems to be fully on Raptr's side.

Seriously, this has been an issue for months.  Is there any resolution in sight, or should I just give up using Raptr?  I have the same problem with my Xbox Live account...that won't connect either in Raptr, but it works literally everywhere else.

Come on, guys, this is basic identity management.  If this isn't resolved in the next couple of weeks, I'm uninstalling Raptr and saving the overhead on my system.