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GVR Highlights cause display driver crash

I love the idea of the Highlights recording the last few minutes of gameplay at the push of a key, but it's always caused problems for me. ANY time I have this feature enabled, no matter how low, or high, the amount of time I set it to save, after playing for a while my display driver WILL crash. The other feature of GVR works just fine(the auto recording when I start playing a game) and I love GVR as a whole. The fact that it records with absolutely ZERO framerate loss for me is outstanding! But the Highlight feature simply will not function without crashing my display drivers after a while of playing.

What game I'm playing doesn't seem to matter, from something as performance hungry as ARMA 3 to something as light as Diablo 3. This has also been happening through multiple driver updates for me(first thought for me on a display driver crash is a bad driver install, but this doesn't seem to be the case). It also doesn't happen if I disable the Highlights feature, but it's one of my favorite things about GVR, so I'd rather use it if I can find a way to make it work without causing problems.

Anyone else had this problem? Any potential fixes?

I'm running an HD7970 with the latest drivers from the AMD website. For more info about my PC specs, see the about me section of my Profile page.

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I've created a ticket for this issue so we can focus on resolving it there. Ticket #12617 for your reference.