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Can't open Raptr

I have download Raptr after having formated the computer, now after I install and open it nothing happens, it does not show the icon on the down right of the screen, and is present on the processes. I tried already many times to finish the process, open again, reinstall, etc...

I saw a post end they aske for the raptr file on %appdata%, so i attached it...

Please help

thanks for the time and understanding


raptr.log raptr.log
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And when i try to open it after restarting, it says:

Another raptr destktop app is already running...

After i finish the processes that are openned and try again, the first open will do nothing, and the second will say the error of another raptr being already openned

It suddenly started to work, so i guess my problem has now been "fixed"

Sorry for disturbing

Today it starter to not open again... Same problem as yesterday

Same problem