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How to hide the "Save highlight" bar!!

 I have that "Save highlight - ctrl F2" thing I want to hide in all my games!


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Yes please tell me as well!

There you go!

In your Raptr/AMD GE Preferences under "In-Game"

THANK YOU (fyi, you right click on the icon in the lower right hand corner to be able to select preferences)

Yes, that is correct about the Preferences. Forgot to throw that in there. Here is a screenshot of what you can see when you right-click the icon in the taskbar:

Thank you, the only reason I created an account was to let you I really appreciate the good work you have done :).

The idea to permanently put this up without asking if I wanted it in the first place was not very well though up.

@vircotto - No problem. We intend on making some changes soon that should help with it. 

@VERUN awesome, look forward to it!