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[GVR Not Working] Hitman: Contracts (GOG Edition)

Just wanted to submit a game where, the GVR does not seem to be working with it [as of the time of this post]

Hitman: Contracts (GOG Edition)

- Highlights = Not Working

- Game Replay = Not Working

+ Game Tracking (Time Played) = OK

(Windows 8.1, Latest AMD Drivers for an R9 280 GPU)

I noticed that the In-Game Overlay has a warning upon Enabling it, stating that if it 'works well', then a friendly email can be sent; so I was wondering if submitting this information here is very helpful at all - or is it a case of you guys' "know about it already, so there's no need.."..? 

I might start up a List of my own, just for a Reference... but if this is something that isn't very useful to actually post in the Feedback Forums, just let me know [and I'll try to keep it to myself, heh]

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