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raptr still won't open

I'm really trying everything to  get raptr to work. I reset uninstal reinstal reset and nothing. Raptr runs for a second and shuts down. Help me please.

raptr.log raptr.log
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I have replied to your ticket regarding the issue.

I have the same problem. Can someone help us?

We're still working on a final solution to fix this issue. We recommend if you have not already, to create a ticket about this issue. Thank you.

check this fix out it works :)


Thanks for finding this potential fix within Windows 10! We are still very aware of the issue and our engineering team has been looking into a long-term solution for it. We do still apologize that it has been affecting some users for some time. However, we always like to give credit where it is due! Thanks again!

Im having this BUG too after the most recnt update... that fix gamingaddicts put works, but after 4 months still having this buggs?

R9 390

@javs1992 - Yeah, it's very difficult to solve because we have been unable to recreate it with any PC at Raptr. The logs for it are also very vague. However, we still pushing engineering to continue looking at it for a potential solution. 

So, if u cant fix it, were can i find the version 4.5.3 of raptr to download? (that was the last version working for me) R9 390 (i try everything, uninstall, install drivers 15.12 of radeon, etc, ect, ect)... So ideas?

@javs1992 - That version will probably also not work. Since the Raptr and clients are so closely tied to the web, older versions tend to run across several issues. We believe we might have a fix in place for it in the next update for client. If that works well and fixes others issues, we may be able to easily transfer the fix to the Raptr client as well.

Ok, when next update come's out, please warn me in this post! Thx