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Stuttering with BF4 playback - highlight clips


I have been using Raptr for a while now and the recent update had caused my game recording video's to have a micro stutter through the vid.

This did not happen with the previous version my current card is a R9 270x (4gb) and the AMD driver is 14.12!

I use the highlight clips option to do 1 min which has worked fine in the past, but im not sure what has changed. 

My BF4 settings are a mix between high and low so to get a good FPS rate and the game doesn't stutter at all while playing. 

Any help would be appreciated! 


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I have gone ahead and created a ticket for your issue so that we can start asking for files on your PC to solve your issue. Ticket #12943 for your reference. I will also be locking this topic so the answers can funnel well into the ticket. Thank you for letting us know about this issue.