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How does optimization work and does it take into consideration Crossfire?

My optimization is always asking me to turn down games, It is set to quality

In withcer 3 im getting 49 FPS avg never dips below 38 on all high settings and hairworks turned off. 

but it wants to disable everything, and set everything to low. The game looks good at that point, nailing over 100fps 

but to be honest. even during the biggest and fastest battles staying above 30 fps on ultra / high settings. what is the optimizer trying to do?

Does it take into consideration overclocking? CrossFire setups? I have 2 7970 running 1100/1600 at 40c under full load. Which is amazing. I have 2 r9 280x which we all know are about the same. but when they are installed, it wants to turn more features on and higher. But the cards nearly melt. Because the cards are not refernece PCB. The waterblocks do not fit. So they nearly burn up and sound horrible in this rig. 2 480 radiators and 16 fans. You still can't hear this system except the pumps. 

The loudest part of this machine when running the 7970s are the chockes on the video card make a click with the FPS. When in Menu the game runs 600 FPS, its a slight hum. at 60 to 100 fps its kind of like a hum at 30 fps its a clicking from the video cards. its electricity. 

So is optimization just based on numbers? or benchmarks? do they poll other machines with similar hardware? and if so what numbers are they using? because I find almost every optimization for every game being wrong in my situation. 

I want to think it's crossfire or the massive overclock on these cards. but putting suprisingly similar cards with out the overclock the optimization changes. 

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Don't waste your time on it.
It's just another useless feature. It wants me for every my game to set the resolution to 1920x1080 where I'm using Eyefinity with 5760x1080. If it coudn't detect  real in game specs what's left  to say about it's recommendations...
Just tick the checkbox to ignore recommendations for the game. 

@DOUGHSTHOUGHTS, Hey sorry about the delay. Currently our optimization doesn't take into consideration cards in crossfire mode. It is a feature request we've been looking at though. So the reason you're looking at minimum recommendations for Witcher 3 is due to not recognizing crossfire, and that you're running at a high resolution of 2560x1440. 

@ufolog, We don't take into account Eyefinity settings. Sorry.

I believe it just takes the average settings from all users and suggests settings that way. Just use it on your games to get the points, then revert back. If they had something that could actually offer you settings based on your own rig and not the average rig of all users, well then it would be useful.