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Windows 10 & Elite & AMD Gaming evolved. Warning.

So i am running win 10 preview build, in preparation for it's release soon.
I had a problem with ED launcher not staying open long enough to launch the game, it would just keep disappearing and take a few attempts to run the game.
I have found the cause to be the AMD Gaming evolve app, which runs on windows 10 start. (for my recording really)

Now when i shut this down the launcher stays open and the game loads normally.
Just a warning to those that might have this issue, and also, if you know of a work around, please post.

Note: i am running the latest amd drivers, Omega 14.12, not the windows 10 default version.

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I'll keep this forum topic open so that others can discuss issues with Windows 10 similar to yours. However, for taking care of your specific issue, I will address those in your ticket (Ticket # 12925).