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Raptr Client Scaling Updates

Anyone know when the Raptr Client is going to support high resolution displays?  I have a 4k Display with my new Dell XPS laptop and the raptr client is completely unusable because its so tiny!

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I have the same problem with my UHD 4K screen. I use 3840x2160 resolution and 150proc scaling level in Windows 10, but Raptr ignores that, and UI is very tiny and unusable.

Depending on what version of windows you are using, you may be able to work around this issue.

I my self have a 4K Resolution 28" monitor, and at first, Raptr was terribly small.

I'm using Windows 10, but this solution should be the same in Windows 8, and similar in windows 7.

Right Click on the Raptr Shortcut, and click Properties:

Go to the Compatibility Tab, and check the box balled "Disable display scaling on high DPI Settings":

Restart Raptr, and it should look much better. It's still not big enough, for my terrible eyes, but it is a vast improvement.

Hope this helps!


I have the same problem and the quick fix of the compatibility setting doesn't work on my machine. Any ideas?

I also have this issue with the quick DPI fix not working on my 4K display.

I got a reply from Raptr about the windows size.

This was the reply:

Unfortunately there is no current fix for this. We may add 2-4k+ resolutions in the future though. I apologize for the inconvenience.

So, nothing for now.

I found the fix for windows 10 (Creative Pack Edition)

1. Right Click the shortcut to Raptr

2. click the compatibility tab

3. Check mark the, Override high DPI scaling behavior.

4. Click the, "Scaling performed by:" (v) drop down & select System

5. Press the OK button. (It will both apply and close the window)

6. Load Raptr and test the application to be working

*7. If the scaling is now too large and off center double click the top bar of the Raptr window to fit the application to the new scale. ** If you can not double click the top of the window revert your changes and down scale the app by using the ↕ & ↔. Run through the steps again.

This worked for me on Sep - 07 - 2017

P.S. Enjoy your games & Raptr app! (Hack the Planet!)