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Optimal Bitrate for 1080p 30fps Video

Hi everyone,

I am a fresh YouTuber, recording The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt for the time being. Anyway, as I want my video to look as good as possible, I'm recording at 30mbps. However, as YouTube's recommended bitrate setting is 8mbps for 1080p video, I'm feeling like I'm recording at an unnecessarily high quality.

I made a few tests and found out that recording at 10mbps gives me a video with an average bitrate of 8mbps. If I record at 15mbps, it gives me a video with 11mbps overall bitrate. So should I stick to 10mbps setting in GVR as any higher bitrate will be compressed by YouTube down to 8mbps anyway?

Thanks for your replies in advance ;)

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When you render and upload a video the quality gets "uglier". I would still suggest using 20-30 mbps

The source file may have future editing use or for just your viewing pleasure so you should make sure it is in good *bit-rate* quality. But how good is enough? - that's a topic to rack the brain.