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How to remove the popup right after exiting a recorded game?

It's very annoying right after you record your gameplay, a popup shows, people who would not like to use the feature, should have the option to disable feature, returning the game recorder as it is.

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You can disable the recording feature in the Control Center/Home Screen of the application. You can get there by right-clicking on the taskbar icon. 

As for the pop-up after recording a session, I'll bring it up as a feature request. Thanks for the feedback!

@Verun Thanks for the reply, i'm not trying to disable the recording features, instead i'm using them. However, application keeps popping up right after exiting a recorded game session, which would be nice if there's an option to disable from popping up to share my recording.

I want to add to this now that I have a Steam link this is a real problem,  it will pop up when exiting a game (I don't record, it pops up anyways)..  the result is that my steam link is basically useless brick until I go to my PC and close the popup..

this will be bad for raptr if it's not disabled by default the more people get into steam streaming.

The Steam Link does something very different from Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved recording. However, it sounds like you're having an issue we have not heard about. You mentioned "the result is that my steam link is basically useless brick until I go to my PC and close the popup". The pop-ups that happen for the recording being disabled should go away after a short amount of time (I counted about 5-10 seconds). Does it stay there when in use with the Steam Link? How do you close the pop-up?

We should be more clear, the popup that happens is just a popup ad mentioning

it does not happen every time I leave a game, just randomly.. but it's enough to be a huge annoyance..

it does not go away on its own.

@misfit410 - Ah okay. I understand what you mean now. I will bring this up with Product and perhaps we can make changes to it in the future to make it a little less upfront. Thanks for clearing that up!