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Why are all the rewards disappearing?

 Why are all of the rewards being taken away? After like 6-7 months of working towards certain items, they are all gone now i wanted to get my wife a graphics card for her new computer with the points ive saved but now the R9 260x is gone. Amongst other rewards. The reward list is so small now its almost not worth running the application.

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I was saving up for the card - was only going to take me under 2 years more (so I was actually planning on getting the next gen cards that would undoubtedly be on by the time I got the points for one). 

But it seems the rewards store is dying unless you want 50% off guides. The same guides as have been up since I joined.

Are we just supposed to move to doing the sweeps and nothing else? 

The store is a joke. 

I will a R9 260x to

@gamingraptrbeta - All of the rewards are available for as long as supplies last.  We get a limited number of items to give away in exchange for our in-house currency, but essentially we are giving away products provided from a third party, so cannot offer them in perpetuity.  Sorry you missed out on that reward but stay tuned for future updates. 

@prettyevil - Certain rewards are available only to members who have an AMD card installed and use the AMD version of the client (download at  In some cases, there are also regional restrictions for what rewards are available.  If any of these variables apply to you, try going to the rewards store on without logging in and you can see the current full offering.  Sorry for any confusion.

If there are any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at  Have a great day!