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Wolfenstein The new order

After the recent patch to Raptr, maybe around May 18th? the game Wolfenstein "the new order" crashes to desktop (CTD). On raptr own community group, people are blaming Radeon Drivers betas etc, but im running the latest beta 15.5, and if I close Raptr the game runs starts and runs completely fine. if I start Raptr with the gaming running, it will CTD as soon as a save happens, or something loads.

Also, Project cars, CTD occasionally after a race, this didn't happen before, and doesn't happen if Raptr isn't running.

Basic PC Spec, 

i7 5930K


R9 290X

Windows 8.1

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Had the same problem, I contacted Bethesda support and after a few replies they suggested closing Raptr and trying to load the game/saves. The game load fine without Raptr active and my saves can be played again.

We apologize for the delay. We are able to recreate the issue and are looking for a solution to it. 

August 20165, I am having the same issue. Its a whole year later and I still cant record wolfenstein the new order... very frustrating. 

@pheonixrises - Looks like you recently made a ticket. I'll help with your issue in there. TL;DR: Wolfenstein should be working as intended, but it's kind of finicky.