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video capture is not available for my system at this time????

im trying to record with the video recording but it says its not available for my system at this time? how can i set it up???

5 people have this problem

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We have replied to the tickets that you have created. Those would probably be the best to reply to if you wish to get swifter response times.

 I am having this problem too. How do I fix it?

me also having the same problem ?

what to do ?

I responded to both of your tickets. If you can, please keep the replies to my questions inside of your ticket and not placed onto this forum. It would make it difficult to respond back quickly.

i have the same problem :/ 

I have the same problem! What does one function now made with it again?
Has something already cleared concerning this?


@cormac_q - I have responded to your ticket.

@satanwarmaster666 - I would recommend creating a ticket for this issue. If you like, you can post the ticket # here.