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The Witcher 3 Records at sub-30 fps

Hi everyone,

I have been putting The Witcher 3 videos on YouTube since its release day. Using AMD GE as usual. Works great, no de-sync or whatsoever. However, although I get stable 40 fps (never fall below 30 fps) the recorded video always has less than 30 fps. Some have 24 fps, some have 26, I even had several 21 fps videos. This, of course, causes stuttering in videos because I have to render them at 30fps for YouTube.

Can you please look into this problem? No other game causes this problem. Even in Arma 3 / DayZ Standalone, although I have 20-30 fps, the recorded video is at 30 fps. This problem only occurs in The Witcher 3.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I have created a ticket for you so that we can see if we can figure out why you're getting such a significant performance loss while recording Witcher 3 since this is not typical behavior that we see. Ticket #13226 for your reference. I'll also lock this topic so we can funnel the answers into the ticket. Thanks for letting us know about this issue.