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Problems with bitrate and deleted clips


after using NVidia cards over the past years I decided to buy an R9 290 in spring due to its better price/performance value in UHD-Gaming. I am still very satisfied with its performance but Raptr doesn't seem to work how it's supposed to. Two problems:

1. Just like in Shadow-Play, I chose 50 Mb/s and 60fps @1080p. The result is rather disappointing: All my recorded videos, no matter which framerate they have, are saved with about 15-16Mb/s even though i unchecked "optimize videos for uploading and sharing". Is there anybody with a similar problem? Could this be caused by the fact that my native screen resolution is 2160p and the videos are somehow badly compressed? I would be very grateful if someone shared his experiences.

2. Raptr records all my gameplay in the background. (Very cool: Large Files >20 or 30 GB are no problem) However, often I don't save a Highlight manually but just leave the game and the Clipeditor shows me my recorded Videos. Sadly, whenever i restart my computer, the files are moved to the bin automatically. Is there a way to avoid this from happening?

Thanks a lot for your answers and sorry for a german schoolboys english


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