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video capture is not available for your system at this time

even though the capturing was working fine on my system but since 4th June it is stopped

what is the problem ?

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Same problem and i know my system can

I have same problem. It was working for a couple days and after stopped.

Same here.

Same problem here, It was working last week.


same problem for me!


 same problem idk how to fix new costume built pc the play tv app is buggy i miss my video recording =(

same problem it works last week


yeah i recorded video yesterday on it and now my system can't use it?

Same, just installed program, doesn't work..

Same. I installed it but it won't work. There is another free option called OBS. and if your willing to drop some cash there is BandiCam. hoping that Raptr Will fix this.

same problem here, was working yesterday

Yep same thing here. Was working now not available again wtf?