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I don't want to use video record/share options

 After the last update Raptr and are very persistent in trying to convince me to record and share videos.  I use an app that came with my video card for recording, it works great for me so I don't need another.  I want the persistent popups to go away.  Also, I nearly uninstalled the entire raptr app because of the being turned on by default.  I didn't even know it was added to the application, it just popped up on my screen and the overlay telling me to press crtl+F2 or whatever that combo is wouldn't go away.  It took me 3 days to figure out how it got on my system, then another couple hours to figure out how to turn it off.  I am not happy about that, and honestly I would like the option to remove completely as I'm not entirely convinced that it stopped recording my game play even after turning the options off.

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Hi! would you like to share how you turned it off? im about to uninstall the Raptr app myself.. x) 

Hi emmrin,

This post is 9 months old so not sure if the user is going to respond or not :-)

With the new update to Raptr, it uses as it's function for Recording. 

If you need to disable it, here is how you would do it: LINK TO ARTICLE

If you are completely uninterested in ever recording, you can take an extra step and uninstall as well.