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Option to record ONLY game audio (currently records all sound like music or youtube playing in background)

Please add the ability to only record the game's audio. I often listen to music in the background, or watch TV / youtube / whatever in a browser on another monitor while a game is running. However raptr/amd gaming evolved always records all audio. This means I'm not able to upload those videos to youtube because of licensing issues, not to mention the distraction to othe viewers. I looked through all the preferences and did not see an option to control this.

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Although this does not help you directly unfortunately, I have seen this concept has come up often - but the way that Windows handles audio output does not currently allow this by default (you can configure which Playback and Recording Devices to utilize, but it is difficult for a recording program to record from 'just one running application and not the others', in Windows.

If you really don't want to record a game you are playing without the extra Music/TV/etc running, you can simply run all of your other audio on another system (a laptop, for instance) or another device (a stereo, mp3 player, etc) - but if you only have one machine/source for all of your audio, there is a workaround for doing it all on one system I can suggest (since I have used this method myself):

  • Purchase an external USB audio device [or an internal sound card, which would offer better quality and performance, too]
  • Set up your game to output to only that device (the game has to offer this option in the Audio options of it)
  • Set your recording program to record from that audio device only [which does not look to be available in GE/Raptr at this time... perhaps they will add the functionality in the future]
  • Configure your other sounds to play on the other output device in Windows (an onboard audio adapter or external USB audio adapter - whatever you are currently using as your audio output)

/signing for Raptr to add this functionality in the future!

Unfortunately, the capability/configurability for Windows (and most games), to record from 'just that one audio stream source', is rare to do by default... There may be Software-Only ways to get the above done too, but I have not used those or researched that myself yet, so I cannot say at this time, sorry. Good luck with it, though.

 thanks for the reply gametipsandmore

I see what you're saying and understand your workaround (quite a workaround at that!)

Luckily I have a tablet and I noticed my speakers have a separate audio-in on the on-desk control pod thing, so I now play music from my tablet directly to the speakers that way. Not completely ideal, and I have to make sure I don't play any other audio in the background on my PC, but it will suffice for now.

You are most welcome

Way to go - now you won't have to worry about your videos anymore /thumbsup