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login issue

i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the raptr app but it still wont allow me to login in to either the app or the site i have changed my password 3 times no to no effect.

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Same problem here


I'm able to log into the site but the app. It wont log in and I have tried re installing 

Same problem, and also forced install of the latest client.  Can log in via web, obviously, but client cannot connect.  Had the same problem last few days, but usually clicking on the LOG IN button every few minutes has worked, but so far no luck.  I was connected all morning without issue.

Wish there was Server Status page, or even troubleshooting wizard or way to test from client for more information.  Going to look at the CFG file and see if there are logs.


Update: Found some logs in APPDATA\Roaming\Raptr

The Raptr.Log file shows this when I try to connect and it fails...
2016/09/25 12:56:21: (4664) DEBUG: MainThread: RGM::process_terminated_cb() terminated 5776
2016/09/25 12:56:23: (4664) DEBUG: Dummy-17: RGM::process(): process-list changed, updating...
2016/09/25 12:56:28: (4664) DEBUG: MainThread: RGM::process_terminated_cb() terminated 1400
2016/09/25 12:56:31: (4664) DEBUG: Dummy-17: RGM::process(): process-list changed, updating...
2016/09/25 12:56:32: (4664) DEBUG: Dummy-52: utils::init_cookie(): cookies.txt does not exist.
2016/09/25 12:56:36: (4664) DEBUG: MainThread: RGM::process_terminated_cb() terminated 4488
2016/09/25 12:56:39: (4664) DEBUG: Dummy-17: RGM::process(): process-list changed, updating...(Deleted notepad path data)

I removed the last path information, just Notepad launch and the path to the logfile.

None of the logs give much details to the end user, but may help the devs/support staff.


FIXED Update:

Not sure if this did the trick, or if it fixed itself.  My raptr.log file was 18.2 MB so I closed/killed Raptr client, renamed the log file and relaunched Raptr and got right in this time.

The other thing that I did, just in case, was to open my Raptr.Cfg in an editor, then exit, I did not save or make any changes.

Hope this helps others or can lead to better understanding of the problem.