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Problem with AMD raptr detecting drivers after 15.5 clean install

 was happily gaming on my 7970 and AMD drivers 14.5, i upgraded to 15.5 (clean install) but my Raptr app says : "Automatic driver updates are not supported by your videcard". Which is strange because the update button was active before the update.

Also, some games say: " you must run this game in order to be optomized". But I have ran the games and played 3 hours with no optimization. (Tera showed this message).

Any ideas? Cheers guys

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Do you have "Check for Beta Drivers" enabled in your Preferences > General?

Which option did you change in Tera? What region are you playing Tera in? (EU, USA, CN servers?)

Yes its enabled and have reinstalled raptr and reinstalled the drivers, US server for Tera


Try unchecking the "Check for Beta Drivers" option and see if it's able to detect then. 

Thanks for providing the server origin. Can you provide what video option you changed in Tera?

Hi, have unchecked it to no avail.

I have not changed any setting in Tera, started playing it and playing it yet that message of "please run Tera" is still showing..



Try changing a video setting. Typically that force creates a cfg file that we can read for the optimization. 

If you want to continue with the driver issue though, I would recommend creating a ticket so we can get logs from you.