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Can't edit recorded game footage? (Premiere Pro sees game recordings as only audio files)

I wanted to do some editing on some videos I recorded in Adobe Premiere Pro. However when I import any of the game recordings made with raptr / amd gaming evolved, they only import as audio files into Premiere Pro. After some googling it seems this is likely because an mpeg video codec is used on the game recordings? (And Adobe Premiere Pro and many other video editing programs don't work with mpeg formats?)

Is there any chance of an option to use a different codec on recorded game files, or is there some other reason/solution that would allow me to edit these game recordings?

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You are correct that you will find some issues in editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas. Unfortunately, we don't have a solution for this for the time being. I'll bring up your request for a feature to use our recordings in video editing software. We apologize for the inconvenience.

 If I may pop in [sorry to reply after an 'official Verun response', heh]; but I wanted to share that I am able to open the recordings of my AMD Gaming Evolved / Raptr installation and edit them successfully. 

I am currently mainly using  Sony's Vegas Movie Studio (version 13) - which is similar in being 'finicky' with video sources (as Verun has stated). I have dealt with this issue for a long time and wrote about it off and on - and to help start you off, one thing that may facilitate editing the recordings for you, is to install an MPEG-4 codec on your system. Taking a quick look at the files, Raptr/GE appears to create a High Profile, 30GOP (Group Of Pictures), Variable Bitrate, Variable Framerate, H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10) output file type (with 48KHz, 192Kbps, Low-Complexity AAC audio). Perhaps one reason I can edit it in Vegas is because I installed a version of the MPEG4 codec (x264, which is free). Do a search for x264 and see if installing that helps you Import it. I don't have Premiere Pro, but here I am using Vegas (Movie Studio) with a short test of Raptr's recording output (a recording of World Of Warcraft), after installing the codec [as an example of it working]:

(Note: You may have to install both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of the codec)

If it doesn't work for you, you may have to convert the recordings before editing them… I have used programs in the past such as Bandicut (which allows cutting/trimming a bit too), MediaEspresso, Xmedia Recode (which also allows cutting/trimming), Winff and other programs - there are a lot to try out and choose from (many of them free), if you end up needing to convert the recordings first – any of the above or other conversion applications should work in converting the video to a more editing-friendly format (such as the MJPEG codec, compatible with virtually any video editing program, although be careful, it takes up more disk space than the more efficient MPEG-4 utilized in Raptr/GE).

If you aren't married devoutly to Premiere, you can also try other editors (just for Raptr recordings if you need to, or as your main editor, using Premiere for your other projects), such as PowerDirector (which is far less picky than Vegas and Premiere, I haven't found anything it won't import, yet), Windows Movie Maker (free from Microsoft, which opens the recordings as well), or other editing applications.

Just some ideas to start you off. Try some of the above out if you need to - and hopefully it will start working for you, too.

@GameTipsAndMore - Thanks for the info! Any additional info is appreciative!