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Raptr Messenger - auto reconnect

Hey Raptr Support,

i have a problem with your messenger. I am using it as a Xfire, AIM (ICQ) and Raptr communicator. I always have to connect all accounts manually after starting raptr and within 2 or 3 hours all are disconnected. They don't reconnect themselves. :-( 

Can you build a auto-recon function? Or what is wrong with my raptr, or my skills?

Ty bye bye axaxaxax


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The chat features should already have auto reconnect features built in.

However, Xfire and AIM chat functionalities may have difficulties in connecting, if they are able to connect at all. 

Does this only happen when you boot up your PC with Raptr, or does it happen even if you restart Raptr?

Yes, it happens when i boot up, raptr is in autostart. and it happens if i start it manually. I always have to clickon the "Connect" Button. 

I created a ticket for your issue so we can ask for some files. Ticket #13478