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Shadowrun Chronicles and Shadowrun: Dragonfall on Steam not tracking achievements

Just what it says on the tin. Neither of these games track achievements, Dragonfall doesn't even acknowledge that there ARE achievements.At least Chronicles shows everyone as having 0 Achievements, but DF doesn't even have that.

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On that note, I should also add that Chronicles isn't autodetecting game times. Manual is the only thing that works.

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Did you ever get this figured out? I am having the same issue shadowrun chronicles is no longer detecting game time and I can't even see it listed in my game library

@psychoph - We have detections for both Shadowrun games. However, which platform are you playing them on?

Did they used to work, but now stopped?

I am using steam to install both. I did move the install from a C: drive to a D: drive installation after reformatting my main hard drive and installing windows 10. After the install of windows 10 i added the games back and reinstalled Raptr. Ever since then I can't get shadow run chronicles to detect. I also can't manually add it as a game, it is not on the manual add list even through shadow run returns is.

Manual Add won't work for Steam Games.

Although typically if a game is transferred to another drive, we recommend reinstalling it since changing it's install location can sever the connection with the registry. 

Have you tried Verifying the Game Cache in the Steam Properties?