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video capture is not available for your system at this time

 He has stopped recording help !! 

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Unfortunately, it appears that your PC may not have the ability to utilize video recording as set in the system requirements: LINK

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. 

I have this problem right now despite meeting the requirements. My cpu technically has 4 cores with hyperthreading and matches or is higher than the other requirements. I have been able to record in the past but now it doesn't let me ever since I got Windows 10.

I was recording just yesterday and then i turned on the twitch and after trying to turn off the twitch and switch back to the GVR BOOM It wont come back on at all..... Pleas fix this I realy like what this program dose but if its just going to be unreliable im going to have to go back to D3DGear... :-(

We recommend that if you have an issue where you're unable to record when you believe you should be able to, you should create a ticket. Tickets provide a 1 on 1 basis with the user and allow the transfer of personal files so we can investigate the issue. Unfortunately, forums can tend to be a cluster of the same symptom, but different solutions so it becomes very difficult to solve unless it's a known specific issue.

@unoriginalname - It appears you're on a laptop using onboard Intel display drivers. I would recommend updating your Intel drivers to the latest. If you're using a laptop with switchable graphics, you may want to try a High Performance mode.

@jamesdjones - You may not meet the system requirements for Hardware Encoding. It's possible that the test for Software encoding did not go over well due to other processes happening on your PC. If so, try to follow the instructions here to see if you can't reset the results: LINK

@Verun you da man thanks that change to 50 thing worked! I relay like this software and im soo happy it works not you made my day!