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Feedback on In-Game Recorder

Hey, coming from a person who uses Dxtory for most of his recordings in the past, I have been mostly hit with a performance issue. Unstable FPS and Micro stutters when recording. I would like to improve the Raptr layout and functions as in its current state is pretty terrible in my opinion.

Raptr itself:

-Need to be able to disable hotkeys and functions if needed, ie show FPS, enable in game tab.. etc.

-Do not need to be reminded to enable Highlight Capture when opening a game

-Option to disable Play.Tv video editor after closing game 


-Option to disable in game overlay and just use the recorder itself

-Having two separate audio tracks. ie Microphone and In game audio

-would be nice to have different video formats and colour corrections 

All i want to something simply and easy to use like NVIDIAs Shadow Play and Dxtory. 

Thank you.

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