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Recording Problems.

Ok so I have a YouTube channel and I try to record every single day. This is not possible due to the problems I am experiencing.

Ok so AMD have brought out an update a while back now and the user interface for The RAPTR Gaming Evolved program has changed. There used to be a Replay, Record and Twitch tile where you could record, livestream and save the past 15 seconds of your gameplay. Now there is only Video Capture and Broadcast. Within the Video capture tile there is Highlight Clip and Game Replay. I presume Game Replay is so you can record and upload to sites and such. So my problem is when I have a game open and it is optimized with the Gaming Evolved software and I have set the Off to On It says I am recording and then when I go to stop recording and look in the file where I set the videos to save they aren't there. It only works like 1 timw every 2 days.  I record on custom, Max Bitrate at 45Mb/s, Max Framerate 60fps and Max Video Resolution at 1080p. Can someone please help me. It says it is recording and when I look into the file where I have got it to save at, it isn't there or anywhere.

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Are you saving a Highlight, or doing a manual record when it's not saving it?

Which game have you tested this in?