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64bit support for Battlefield 4

Gaming evolved app doesn't support 64bit recording of Battlefield 4. The 32bit and Mantle version are horribly laggy thus hope Gaming evolved app will support this soon

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We have tested 64-bit Battlefield 4 several times and has worked so far. What type of issues are you running across with it?

Raptr worked flawlessly in BF4 64bit for me but can't seem to be working after the last update. The in-game overlay never shows and even when I use Hotkeys to record without the HUD, it doesnt record when I close the game and check my recordings. I do see that whenever my game is about to start, Raptr shows a message on the lower right saying Video Capture is ON but in game it doesn't show.

It could have issues with hooking into the game correctly. Would you mind creating a ticket about your issue, and then posting the 5-digit ticket # here? Thanks!