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Recorded videos end up as 0 byte files and does not work


When I manually record with Raptr/ the recording starts according to the ingame icon. The record time is ticking up. And it stops when I manually stop it.

But the video it saves is 0 bytes and does not work, like it´s recording but does not save the video. Capture hightlight does not work either.

I have uninstalled Raptr and removed the drivers with DDU and reinstalled them but it still does not work.

What is wrong?

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Same problem, the support took 44 days to answer me, and said that:

""We're sorry to have not touched base with you on this issue. Is the issue still happening or has it been resolved?

It's possible that a newer release of the Raptr client includes a fix for your previous issue. You can download the new versions of our software on our downloads page.

If you use AMD hardware, go to to get a new install of AMD Gaming Evolved.

We really want to be able to help you get the most out of our software. By all means, if you are still experiencing the issue, the best way to contact us is at the Raptr support page Here.


And 1 day before i updated the ticket with a new message, and they still ask: "has it been resolved"?

I just think they dont want help

We are attempting to go through a large amount of back-logged tickets and this involves an automated message to ensure that the users are still having an issue. In this case, because you are still having an issue please accept our apologies and we will continue to help. We will reopen your ticket and start providing support. 

We will also be looking at Stimpen's ticket.