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Can't get DVR to work on my Laptop.

My Laptop has two Graphic Cards: an Intel Graphic Set and a Radeon HD8970M.

DVR always was disabled in the previous updates, no it says an unhandled expectation occured (code -4).

I sent the log after this post.

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The Unhandled condition can be usually resolved by doing a PC restart, or updating/cleaning out video drivers.

We're currently working on a solution for laptops with dual display adapters. If you'd like to assist in the matter, I would recommend creating a ticket so that we can ask more details and get files from your PC. Thank you for letting us know about your issue.

For starters disable Intel's GPU, it only causes your dedicated GPU to stutter. This should help with DVR. Has the 8970M got AMDs encoding? I'm not familiar with AMDs mobile GPUs. Or the Error code.


It should have VCE hardware encoding. 

We typically tell just by knowing when the card was introduced, or follow the wiki links: