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Black Screen when Recording with Windows 10

I get sound but a black screen when recording in csgo. It used to work before but I think the problem is with Windows 10 technical preview build 10130. Is there any ways to fix it? 

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I have the problem on Windows 10. 

Ok so I'm not the only one. There was the same issue with windows 8.1 but all you had to do is uninstall windows update kb3014442. There is no kb3014442 for windows 10.


Because of how many different versions of Windows 10 there are, it makes it very difficult to test through all the various ones until the final release comes out. While we did some testing ourselves with a Windows 10 build and did not get a black screen, it's possible that we were not using preview build 10130. As mentioned, we will have much more support once there are more video drivers for Windows 10 and we can have a proper and finalized build to test on. 

We apologize for this issue, and you are still more than willing to create a ticket regarding this if you'd like.

Alright thanks, I'm going to have to use obs until it is fixed. 

Could you possibly let me know what you did to stop the black screen issue in testing, or was it never a problem for you? 

@imfake - There was nothing we did to stop it. It never happened. As mentioned though, we can look into the issue for you specifically and see if we can't solve it. We'd just rather tackle that in a ticket than a public forum.

Submitted a ticket and sent my log through Raptr (#14035)