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Frame Dropping on gvr capture in NBA 2k15


I have a gpu Radeon R9 270, and I have been experiencing some frame dropping when I try to capture the NBA 2k15 game.

It's not happening with any other game at my library.

My settings are 30MB/s, 60fps and 720p.

I already tried to lower the values, but it keeps happening.

Thank you. Bye!

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Sorry, I forgot to mention. The frame drops are happening in the final recorded video, not the game.

Do you know if NBA 2k15 has:

A) Any kind of Anti-cheat program that runs in the background.


B) It's own type of recording software built into the game. 

If you have confirmed that both of these are not the case, I recommend creating a ticket about this issue so that we can request logs. It may be beneficial to post the Ticket # here as well so we can quickly link it to this forum post.

Alright. Thank you.

Here is the ticket link:

@gabrieldmna - I have responded to your ticket. Thank you for your patience.