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How do i get Msi Afterburner OSD or Fraps FPS To show up in in recorded videos

Guys i cant seem no matter what i try to get MSI afterburner OSD to show in recorded videos..It displays it while recording but finalized video has nothing..Tried to record Fraps FPS display but that alos does not show up in recorded videoo.There a way to do this? 

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Currently there is no method to do this. Due to how both our software and MSI Afterburner/FRAPS hooks into the game, it can cause several issues. We noticed several issues with FRAPS especially where it was causing either the game, or Raptr, to crash. So unfortunately we had to blacklist them so that we don't hook into those (and thus, not showing their displays). 

We do apologize for this, but we believed that preventing potential crashes was very important. Did you want to use Afterburner and/or FRAPS for the FPS only, or were there other features you liked in it?

Hi Yes i mostly need it for the FPS that Afterburner provides ..Though all  GPU information And CPU is important as well that i have no problem displaying or recording with Shdowplay. But i cant even get the Internal FPS in Raptor to even display never mind to record it..Very frustrating..

We understand that the FPS can be very important for some people, especially if they want to record it. We're quickly advancing the application and within Raptr. I'll place your request in the user feedback and we'll discuss if that could ever be implemented. Thank you for the feedback and we apologize that we're unable to assist you more.