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Cant start any video capture on 8750M

Im getting a error message

Unhandled condition occurred.

hwlvl=4 (0x00000000)

Its stopping my game capture from starting, the options are there in settings and the overlay works fine but its disabled and says unavailable when launching games (tried Starcraft2 and CS:GO)

On the main menu its stuck as off and say the above message in yellow text

System has switchable graphics with Intel card, drivers are latest and tried stable also.

Raptr version is latest, have tried reinstall

AMD Mobile drivers x64 are beta (15.6) and have tried 14.1

Attempted to clean CFG file from appdata without success.

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@shutupmeg - We're currently dealing with your issue in your ticket. We appreciate you making it. I'll lock this topic so we can keep the replies in the ticket. Thanks!