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Wanted to place Block Amok game video as the video of my profile. Didn't manage.

 Hello, dear Support Management or Account Administrators.

How can I place a new Android game that I liked? 

How can I place it's icon or video? 

May I place the information about the in-app purchases in Google Play Store  that are valid up to the 3rd of June? 

How can I technically do that?

Just want to see the game in the list of recommended. Thanks.

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Hi there,

It really depends on what you mean. Where do you want to place the Android Game? Do you want it added to our Game Library?

Icon and Video are usually found by us, but if you have a recommendation we can bring it forward.

I would need more clarification regarding the info about in-app purchases and where you want the game to be seen. Typically we don't have a lot of Android games that are in the recommended section of the app.