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Plays.Tv both fast and slow with high number of videos in recording folder

I'm not entirely sure if this is Feedback, a potential Problem, or just my system... so I wanted to just leave it here, as Feedback:

I generated high number of recordings and large amount of 'total files' in the Plays.Tv recording folder quickly, since starting to use this very helpful application - over 5,000 Files spread over 50 games with over 1,600 videos in total (estimating 3 files per video, the Metadata, the Thumbnail and the Recording itself) - so I realize this may be a lot for Plays.Tv... and yet it isn't, as well... 

Yes, I need to go through my files and start sorting/deleting many of these - but I am enjoying how Plays.Tv seems to handle this large amount [relatively] of recordings so well. It still seems responsive and quick, most of the time. I also noticed however, that it is a times sluggish and slow, taking many seconds to respond to clicks (to play videos, scroll down the list, etc). Usually, a restarting of the client helps this, when it occurs (but it does not always alleviate it).

I did observe, that when Plays.TV opens, it loads every single video in all of the folders (for me currently, over 1600 of them) at one time - showing them like a stack a cards, then it seems to spread them out/down into a list to work with. Here is a screenshot of what that looks like (when they are all loading, before 'spreading them out' to work with):

... then it spreads out the videos into columns, to sort and edit and share and [someday] delete...

With over a thousand recordings now, this is causing the Plays.Tv add-in to go into "Not-Responding" mode once in a while. Again, I am impressed with how much Plays.Tv does not have a problem with this many files [5,000+] and works smoothly most of the time - thus my Title above.

I suppose my feedback then, is just a suggestion that perhaps there is a better way to organize/load the videos/folders [perhaps not load the entirety at one time?]... I have not cogitated this concept very long, and especially not being a Programmer, I do not have a good, helpful suggestion for a solution at this time - I apologize - I am merely bringing this up as a possible future marker or some sort, something for the developers to have 'ahead on the timeline on the whiteboard', as I am sure that there are many other players out there like me [compulsive/hoarding?lol] with far more videos than I have - and they may be experiencing issues, or may do so in the future.

Just something I noticed/thought about. Again, I'm sorry I do not have direct suggestions toward this, at this time.

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