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Problems after instalation.

 Some days ago, a friend of mine said something about the major diference between using AMD GE and to not use it at all...

I've Downloaded it, and after installing the latest AMD driver, my screen resolution droped to 800x600 (1920x1080 its the normal one) and Windows 7 have changed the color scheme to the one for optimize the use. Seeing that, GE don't recognize my video card (AMD HD 7730M, in a Dell Inspiron 15r se.), Youtube videos are all stuttering when fullscreen, it's all like my OS lost the visibility of my video card. I guess I'm running everything in the Intel Grafics HD4000... Last time I had to restore point to correct everything... Any sugestions? 

And oh, after the instalation of the AMD latest driver, it keeps saying that a newer one (the same as the one i've already installed) is available.

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This sounds like you might be having an issue with the AMD video driver as opposed to AMD Gaming Evolved specifically. The main clues are that your screen resolution dropped, your color scheme changed and your Youtube videos are stuttering. These are all things that AMD Gaming Evolved (or Raptr) do not affect. 

I would personally recommend:

  • Reinstalling the driver to see if it caused any issues.
  • Updating your Intel driver.
  • Get in contact with AMD's Customer Service for assistance. 

AMD's Customer Service may be able to provide more assistance in regards to driver issues. If you have any other questions or concerns though, you're welcome to let us know.