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Empty reward store


why reward store is such empty? When i signed up here for the first time I saw a lot of interesting games and other reward's. Right now i have 20k points and reward's that already appear in store are not encouraging me to continue collecting points. When are you going to add some game's and other stuff to reward store?

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We have a number of rewards currently available, but I'm not sure what you consider "empty" in terms of the Rewards store.  If you'd like, send us an e-mail at with an attached screenshot of the rewards store you're seeing when logged in.  Reward points are intended to be an added incentive for loyalty to the Raptr software and community.  Spending and earning points are not the primary benefit to having the software itself, so let me know if you would like some assistance with getting the most out of your Raptr use outside of just points.  I'd be happy to help.  Thanks and have a great day!