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Recording Problem with amd gaming evolved

 Hello everyone!
I got my new pc recently and today I tryed to record with amd gaming evolved.My GPU is Sapphiire r7 260x and I tried minecraft first it said the driver crashed , then I got a blue screen can you help please?


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Can you confirm whether this happens if Raptr is running in the background or not? Drivers crashing and causing a BSOD can be caused by improper driver installation. Let us know if you get the same issue if Raptr isn't running in the background. Thank you.

I get the same issue.


So you get the same issue even if Raptr is not running in the background?


If you are receiving this issue, even if Raptr is not running in the background, than it more than likely is not a Raptr issue. I would recommend getting in contact with AMD's Customer Service, or possibly reinstalling your drivers to see if it helps resolve your issue.

I have the same issue, except I don't get a BSOD, minecraft just crashes.

Also, what IS recorded in minecraft has multiple playback issues, like the audio out of sync, audio and video stuttering, etc. It does just fine with my other games.

Are you using a lot of mods with Minecraft? 

Minecraft unfortunately has so many variables (install location, mods, java edition, etc) it can be difficult to pinpoint issues with it.