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fixing the error unhandle condition occured. HWLVL=-3 (0x00000000) drv disabled

for people who have this error (see picture) its to do with opencl download the file i linked extract it with winrar and copy the files to C:\Windows make sure raptr it closed or it will say say another program is using the files

also people who are on windows 8.1,N make sure you installed the windows media pack which can be download from the Microsoft website for free

3 people have this problem

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 Can you upload that file again? I have the same problem on Windows 10.

Ihave this probléme; wich file i can downlod for to fix this problém ?

HWLVL=-3 message means that you are running either N or KN versions of Windows. That means that you need the following Media Pack:

Windows 8 Media foundation pack:

Windows 10 Media Foundation pack:

I hope this helps!

Solved in this topic

Windows 10 1511 requires new Media pack KB3099229.

Thanks for responding :)

@donutsfordinner, thanks for trying...