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11k to spend in the Netherlands but no worthwhile rewards

as the title suggests, There are 9 rewards I could buy, 6 of them are just 50% off coupons for guides and 3 others are not worth it.

Why aren't there more awards in the Netherlands? I know USA has Sleeping Dogs. I would love to buy that once I get 12.5k but I can't...

I am a GTX user so don't say "oh but our AMD client has more to offer"

I just get a feeling everyone outside of the USA gets nothing but crap. And it's not just waiting for a new offer. Except for the Inquisition DLC thing the rewards haven't changed since I logged in for the first time 1.5 years ago. please just get us more rewards...

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 Hi there.  There are certain users that are offered exclusively to users who have both an AMD video card and the AMD version of the Raptr client.  The offering that you see is a case of hardware and software not being present, not an issue of your country.  If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us directly by e-mailing us (don't forget to include your Raptr username) at or simply select "create a new ticket".  Have a great day.