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Video capture is not available for your system at this time

Installed Raptr client for the first time today and I'm getting this message (see topic title) when I hover the mouse over the video capture section of the app.

I'm running a 6-core AMD FX-6350 processor and an AMD R9 270 graphics card on Win7 64bit. (see dxdiag.txt attached for details)

Do I have to download and install the client in addition to raptr to get this working?

DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt
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You do not need to download the application to record with the Raptr client. We'll have to look into this deeper to really figure out what is happening. I have created a ticket for you: #15040 for your reference.

have the very same problem, so any tip what are the requirements, or any info what is needed to be done?

@bonestripper - You have the exact same PC components, or is just the error the same?

Here is where you can see the system requirements:'