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HD7970 not supported anymore?

Since few weeks ago I see notification that automatic drivers updates for my graphics card aren't supported anymore. I have Radeon 7970. Is it bug or it isn't supported anymore?

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We should be pushing out an update today that should help with support for the 15.7 drivers that were released. Is that the version you are currently using?

hi just wanted to say I have the same problem on 15.7.1 on windows 10 x64 when will people in the uk get this update as its very annoying.

many thanks.

@marineofdeath - The update has been out for a while. Is it just the driver support that is not working?

Hi yes it's no driver support I re-did my windows as I had a stuck driver but I'm getting no support or even beta driver download.

@marineofdeath We can probably look into this deeper if we had a ticket. Would you be able to create one at for this same issue? Afterwards, post the 5-digit ticket number here so it can be seen quicker.

19839 this is my ticket number plz reply i`ve been waiting a while for a reply

@marineofdeath I have replied to the ticket. Thanks for posting the ticket number!