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Feature Idea - Microphone Voice activation or Push to Talk

Hello would it be possible to have one these two features or even both add at some point? At the moment, The Microphone is always recording and because of this you get alot unwanted noise in the recording.. Voice activation would stop this!

At the moment am forced to not use Microphone recording because my videos get spoiled with background noise.

Please add :D

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I still hope they add microphone recording on a separate audio track at some point. That way you can just solve all audio issues in your video editing software afterwards.

Something like this really needs to happen, At the moment recording with Microphone just isn't worth it! The  amount of background noise is making recordings very horrible..

Please look into adding voice detection "Please" or even button press!

I messeged them informing of this request, and it has been noted.

I found a workaround so all audio isnt picked up on the mic, its this software

It basically makes the entire pc push to talk which eliminates the mic from being picked up in game and on rapter recorded video. 

Totally agree,  push-to-talk option would make the programs much better. I swapped from using Raptr to competitors software just because the keyboard noise and other background noice made all my game recordings and live streaming sound awful. 

Raptr program for game recordings would generally be my choise with the easy settings and not as hard for cpu usage as some other programs are. 

Please add push-to-talk :)