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Microphone is almost silent in recordings.

Is there a way I can boost my microphone on Raptr? It's perfect on other recording software and Skype etc but not Raptr. 

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Put it at 100%?

Or go in Control Panel and manually raise your microphone level.

If your mic is set to 50% in Control Panel, and 50% in Raptr, your mic will effectively record at 25% volume, at least I've noticed that it seems to be relative to what control panel is set to.

Run it at 100% and/or change it manually in CP

You'd be surprised, I've checked all of this. My mic is at 100% constantly.

That's weird. I hope somebody else has a fix for you :/

and this is why separating your microphone and putting it on a new track is a must have for this software, dev's you need to really focus on that. That is what makes Dxtory so damn popular...