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No Recording Abilities in Battlefield 4

I play a lot of BF4 and since the last update to the client I have been unable to record any gameplay or replays. The prompts for saving/starting a recording the usually appear in the top left-hand corner are no longer there. Recording appears to work in other titles however the prompts do not seem to appear in those titles either.

Any idea what could be wrong?

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Are you playing BF4 in Directx11 or Mantle?


Currently, due to the recent 15.7 patch, recording may not work in Mantle until we can resolve it. 

This FAQ briefly explains it: LINK

Sorry for the inconvenience.

any timeframe when the Mantle issue is gonna be resolved? Also, will there be an update for the screen tearing issue?

I have not been given any word on an update for the Mantle recording issue. Any update will more than likely be reflected in the FAQ I linked you when that information becomes available. 

As for the screen tearing issue, is that only happening in Mantle?

yes, the issue is recording related, when I slow the footage down in a rendering program the tearing is immense, while DirectX is fine.

Here is an example:

Until we're able to resolve the issue with Mantle, it may be difficult to look into issues with the recording quality, especially so when altering it with 3rd party software. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I have seen there was an updated version, however there is no info on wheter its gonna be resolved, can you give me an update?

Still no exact ETA or definition of a correction. I believe AMD is working with us to try and solve it though. That is about all I know at the moment.

Recording in Mantle is still broken for me.