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Email verification

I created 2 tickets. They dissapeared. I cant get email no matter how many i resend. Email is correct. I check Spam. Right now i changed my email maybe it will help.

nick : vanillaicecookie

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@vanillaicecookie - I see there was a 3rd ticket created. I have assigned it to a rep to take care of. Thank you for letting us know.

Same here, cant get email.

Yeah my email wont verify either. Its a Gmail but i dont think that would be the problem.

@sirpatricpo - I'd recommend creating a ticket for your issue.

Just did, Thank You.

It is a waste of time - it would appear that RAPTR are no longer supporting this console and reward program - There is a posting  that blackbeard said 4 months ago " This is because we are in the process of phasing out and discontinuing our console support. We apologize for any confusion during this process. Have a nice day."

So - why the heck didn't RAPTR take the time to announce this here to its customers - and save us all a lot of time and effort!


You mean here?

We also sent a wide-spread email to all our users that used console features that this was happening. I will agree that we should get rid of options in the settings though. However, that is not very easy without breaking too much. We're still looking into it.