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AMD gaming evolved not detecting new Catalyst release

Hi everyone, I have version 14.12 of the Catalyst software, and despite all of the fanfare of the 15.x release several weeks ago, Raptr/AMDGE has been notably silent about the whole ordeal. If I manually try to check for an update, it reports I'm using the latest (I'm not). Even the Catalyst Control Center beat Raptr to the punch, as I got a notification just today about the update from them. I've tried submitting a support ticket, although it seems like the Raptr support team has resorted to ignoring me as of late. :( Has anyone else seen this problem or is it just me?

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I am using Crimson Catalyst 16.12, the AMD website and my system agree it was installed---AMD Gaming Evolved did not. I clicked skipped, and installed again, again everything but AMD Gaming Evolved agreed I had successfully installed--now what? 

Huh, I still have 16.1, no notifications of an update yet.


@Trelaina - I don't believe we have 16.1 or 16.2 in our system yet. We are aware of it and will be making the change in the near future.